We focus on increasing blood flow by stimulating the blood vessels for regrowth providing the nerves with the proper nutrients and environment to heal and repair.

Types of neuralgia we treat: post-stroke recovery, trigeminal neuralgia, post-herpatic neuralgia, macular degeneration, Morton’s neuroma, Bell’s Palsy, Ramsey Syndrome.





"Anyone with peripheral neuropathy should try acupuncture to get relief, particularly if medications and other strategies haven't worked,"

– Dr. Kulas 

Patients often need multiple sessions before you notice improvement. A typical treatment course consists of weekly sessions for 6 to 10 weeks, followed by maintenance sessions beginning every other Week, then extending to once every month. Healing takes time. Many patients say we are the last resort with the best results.

*For your health and safety, we thoroughly clean the table and all surfaces between patients with cavicide. It is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal.

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